Talking Photos Talking Animals

Talking Photos Talking Animals

Talking Photos Talking Animals - Make Any Photo Talk in Crazy Helium Voice

Now with Pet mode - Make your Pet talk. You can even put Hat, Glasses, Wig etc on Your Cat, Dog or any other Pet you have.

Funnier than ever!!! Talking Photos Talking Animals in Helium voice will surely make you laugh. If you enjoyed crazy helium booth, you will definitely like this app

Make any Photo come alive and talk in Funny Helium Voice or let adorable Kitten and Tiger repeat after you.

This is funniest voice changer app with tons of features.
- You can make any picture talk whether it's your Boos, Girl/Boy Friend, Your Favorite Pet or Even Monalisa. Still better they will repeat what ever you say.
- Lots of props to make crazy photos (e.g. Wig Mustache Beard Glasses and much more)
- Simple gesture support to move, rotate and zoom props
- Magic Lips which move with your voice
- In app recording gallery
- Multiple options to share your funny videos